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What is Safe Places?

Safe Places is a scheme which helps people with learning disabilities deal with anything that happens when they are out and about in Newcastle.

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Safe Places are places where you can go to get help if you are:

– Lost
– You have lost something. Such as: Bus pass, purse or wallet
– Had something stolen
– Been bullied
– Upset about something

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How do Safe Places work?

Better Days talks to services like the Civic Centre and Library and other businesses that are willing to help and become a Safe Place.

Better Days members then train the staff at the Safe Places. The training consists of:

– What it is like to be a person with learning disabilities
– What they should do when someone comes in asking for help
– We ask the staff in the Safe Places to fill out a form which keeps records of people coming in but they don’t write down their name.
– Better Days will then collect the forms to see how often the Safe Place is being used.

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How can you get help at a Safe Place?

A Safe Place will have a sticker on its window to show they are a Safe Place.

When you go into a Safe Place you should look for a person who works there.If you have found someone you should show them you’re Blue Card or anything with a telephone number of a family member or a support worker (Someone that you trust).

The person who works there will ask you what has happened and what you would like them to do for you. If you have trouble speaking they will have a picture sheet where you can point at a picture to tell the person about what has happened.

The person you are talking to could just have a chat with you, get you a drink of water or a cup of tea, phone the telephone number you have given them or contact the police if they think there has been a hate crime.

If you have asked them to call someone you trust, they will stay with you until they arrive.

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contact us on:

Better Days on 0191 281 5541 Or email us at (This is not an emergency contact). This scheme is supported by Newcastle City Council and Northumbria Police.

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Need to contact us?

Please call us on: 0191 281 5541. We are always happy to help.