Better Days is a group which works in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. We are a group of people with learning disabilities, supported by a worker. We want to make it easy for people with learning disabilities to go out and about in Newcastle.

Better Days is a registered charity, number 1097343.

In our group, we tell people about disabled people and what they need to help them to get to places. We help people to start up new activities too.

We decided to make this website to tell people with learning disabilities about what is going on in Newcastle. The people who helped on the website were: -

Chris Anderson, Richard Black, Carol Barwick, Terry Docherty, Pauline Duffy, Richard Fawcett, Diane Foxton, John Harbottle, Graham Newton, Billy Richardson, Zena Spears, James Todd, Keith Turnbull and Kay Warren.
















We would like to thank all the people who have helped us with this website including:

Matthew Harkey, a volunteer with CSV Virtual Volunteering Project, for helping us to design and produce this website.

Jacob George and Chris Dix from the Royal Grammar School.

Fiona Bracher, Sandra and Ed from Skills for People.

Helen Miller, Lina Dahan and Helen Watters from CSV Virtual Volunteers.

David Marshall and Geoff Walker for their help with the first version of the site.

We would also like to thank the Northern Rock Foundation for their help in funding this project.

We have worked hard to make sure that this information is right. But things might have changed. It is a good idea to ring up before you go to things and check that they are still on and that they are OK for you. It is not our fault if this information turns out to be wrong.

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